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Strongest Hearts hangs out with Vegan Power Couple, Sticman and Afiya, to talk about veganism, health, and hip-hop.

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We make the best videos on vegan athletes and others. Created by award-winning filmmaker Sasha Perry and Registered Dietitian Matt Ruscigno, each episode profiles positive examples of the diet in action.  We believe that plant-based diets are great for people, the environment and the animals! Click for more info.



We believe in evidence-based nutrition and aim to provide you with up-to-date science to perform the best you can, no matter if you are an elite athlete or an occasional exerciser.  The philosophy of Registered Dietitian Matt Ruscigno is to help you make the healthy changes that make sense for your lifestyle. Click through to learn more!



Our favorite people and organizations in our vegan, plant-based and athletic communities. There are so many these days that we can barely keep up!

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