While at the Naturally Fit Games in Austin, we managed to follow a lot of athletes around for a few days.  We were lucky enough to get to spend some time with the 6-member powerlifting team as they competed against athletes from around the country. Read more!

For Strongest Hearts 15 we are at the Naturally Fit Games with the Plantbuilt Crossfit Team.  Read more!

We have a new episode up, and boy is it a good one! A bunch of vegans are flexing muscle at a competition in Austin this weekend, and we want you to meet them before they go. We will be filming with them as they compete so you can see how they do!  Go watch the video and get stoked on that much muscle on one screen. Read more!

It feels so good to post this episode. We’ve only known Ed Bauer a few years, but he’s like an old friend. And in our series we’ve met lots of super nice folks, but he just may be the nicest. And you asked for a strength athlete or a Crossfit athlete. We are delivering on both and one upping you by bringing a Crossfit coach. Boom. Read more!

Bike racing is a tough, unforgiving discipline that requires focus, strength and endurance. But do you think all cyclists are super thin or scrawny? Then you haven’t met any track cyclists. Read more!

Our Day in the Life of Vegan Athletes Series has a very special 10th episode today. We travel to the Badwater Ultramarathon, which has been called the most demanding and extreme running race on the planet, and ‘spend the day’ with fruitarian Michael ArnsteinRead more!

BMX riding is one of the most difficult sports to master- it takes crazy skills that are only perfected with great risk. Like skateboarding, there is no safety net and the slightest error can lead to injury. It’s physically and mentally demanding, to say the least. Read more!

Our Day in the Life series has given us some great experiences with exceptional vegan athletes.  But I have to say, none have been as unique as spending a weekend with raw vegan modern pentathlete Justin Torellas.  Five seemingly unrelated disciplines combined to make the only sport created specifically for the Olympics! Read more!

Our Day in the Life series continues with another Boulder-based athlete, Megan Hebbe. Megan takes us cross-country skiing, where I proceed to make a fool of myself! Megan does mega mileage and takes her training very seriously, but still manages to have fun with it. She even put up with me crashing all over the mountain. See for yourself in this fun episode.

Read more!

The main goal of our series is to show the world that vegan athletes exist and thrive on their diet and lifestyle. But as we make more episodes a second goal is developing: what crazy situations can we can put Matt in?! Today we spend the day cyclocross training in the snow and cold with bad-ass cyclist Cat Johnson in Boulder, Colorado.

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