One of the most important things in life is having the resources you need to do what you do. Today there’s arguably too much information out there so we’ve narrowed down some of our favorite sites, people and organizations. This list is by no means comprehensive and we can’t vouch for all information on all of them, of course. This page will be updated frequently.


Plant-based / Vegan Nutrition


Ginny Messina, the Vegan RD

A writer and author who stays up to date on the latest research and updates her site regularly. Not sure what to make of a new study? Chances are she has read it and written about it.


Vegan Health

By Registered Dietitian Jack Norris is the premiere resource for plant-based nutrition. The details about specific nutrients is all here.


Julieanna Hever, The Plant-based Dietitian

A provocative speaker and author who shares her perspective on the latest nutrition happenings. Her facebook page is especially active.


Sharon Palmer, RD

The author of the Plant-powered Diet, one of my favorite books on the subject.


Our own Matt Ruscigno

Has a health and nutrition site,  True Love Health.


Athletes and Fitness


No Meat Athlete

More than a website, it’s a community of athletes and a book that Matt co-wrote (with the other Matt!).


Great Vegan Athletes

Covers the latest and greatest vegan athletes with profiles, news and links.


Forks to Feet

A resource and community for plant-based runners. The same folks who do the weekly #VegRunChat.


Plant Built

A team of vegan strength and physique athletes who show that you don’t need animal products to be ripped!


Vegan Body Building

One of the old-school resources and sites for getting strong on a vegan diet.




Post Punk Kitchen

What you need if you love to cook and want to meet other food-obsessed folks. Run by prolific cookbook author Isa Moskowitz, Post Punk Kitchen has over 25k registered users.


Plant-based on a Budget

Gets you the recipes you need without spending a ton of cash. What’s not to like about that?




Sayward Rebhal

A writer, scientist and friend of ours who takes a positive, loving approach to veganism and parenting.


Food Empowerment Project

A non-profit that addresses a number of food-related issues because it is bigger than veganism after all.

General Veganism


Vegan Outreach

Has handouts and materials plus excellent articles on compassionate eating.


7 Day Vegan

A guide developed to help you transition to a more plant-based diet. Check it out!


For a more extensive list of resources please see the resource page at Thinking Vegan.