Strongest Hearts Extra; Timeless Coffee Roasters and Bakery

Our first episode on our new site! And it’s the first one where we depart from our athlete focus to feature some folks kicking ass in another way: Owning and operating Oakland’s Timeless Coffee Roaster and Bakery.  Here at Strongest Hearts we spend a lot of time at small vegan businesses and figured, why not feature them too? We are pleased to introduce you to co-owners RJ and Violet.




Are you stoked for some good coffee and treats now? Be sure to visit them in Oakland next time you are near the Bay Area. And if you are craving chocolate, we are going to shamelessly plug Matt’s upcoming book on cacao that features 75 chocolate and cacao recipes by Joshua Ploeg.

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Thanks for watching and keep your eye out for our next episode with Crossfit coach Ed Bauer!