Strongest Hearts 12; Crossfit Instructor Ed Bauer

It feels so good to post this episode. We’ve only known Ed Bauer a few years, but he’s like an old friend. And in our series we’ve met lots of super nice folks, but he just may be the nicest. And you asked for a strength athlete or a Crossfit athlete. We are delivering on both and one upping you by bringing a Crossfit coach. Boom.


Ed is part of the Plantbuilt Team that is traveling to Austin for the second year in a row to compete in the Naturally Fit Games. A whole team of vegans to show definitively that one can get enough protein on a plant-based diet. You can support them here and pick up lots of cool stuff. Honestly, I’m not sure how they are giving away so many great awards! And thanks to our successful kickstarter (still time to give!), we will be there to capture the games and interview the team. See more about this below.

Thank you Ed for sharing your workouts with us and we look forward to shooting with you again in Austin.



This episode was made possible by a seed grant from the awesome Pollination Project. We had nothing to go on when we wanted to start shooting new episodes again and they came through in a big way. Without them we couldn’t have gotten back out there nor had the funds to even begin organizing our kickstarter. Thank you!