Strongest Hearts 14; Naturally Fit Games Part One – Powerlifters

While at the Naturally Fit Games in Austin, we managed to follow a lot of athletes around for a few days.  We were lucky enough to get to spend some time with the 6-member powerlifting team as they competed against athletes from around the country.

While the bodybuilders were meta-focused on diets and spray tans before their competitions, these powerlifters were the life of the party, which our host, Matt, was appreciative of.  We will soon post a video of some of the fun antics these powerlifters dragged him into in the Powerlifter v Bodybuilder Pizzagate 2014.  Despite the fun atmosphere they brought, they also brought the competition.  We’re very thrilled to show you our latest video and help show how strong vegan athletes can be!

You’ll notice in this video a first for us. We were asked to blur out the face of one of the competitors.  A former undercover investigator, he is currently still involved in many aspects of the animal rights community, and just before we aired, he was given the opportunity to pursue a new path in protecting animals that required a bit of anonymity.  We apologize that we weren’t able to do much more than a blurry dot, but his story is so important we didm’t want to take him out of it completely.  It’s not often that within the span of a few months one goes from a carnivore to working undercover at an animal facility, secretly documenting the horrendous acts done towards animals to educate the public and help the animals.  Thomas was an inspirational person to meet, and we are thankful he was willing to stay in the video despite his new endeavors.  We wish him the best of luck in protecting the animals, and are grateful for the important work that he does.

You can also check out the folks over at Definition for Ladies, who just posted an issue focused on these same powerlifters.

As always, thanks for watching Strongest Hearts! Please share these videos to all those nay-sayers that still think vegans are weak.