Strongest Hearts 15; Naturally Fit Games Part Two – Crossfit

For Strongest Hearts 15 we are at the Naturally Fit Games with the Plantbuilt Crossfit Team. 


After our first 10 or so episodes some of the feedback we got was: what about strength and muscle building? I get the benefits for running and cycling, but what about strength athletes?

We heard you loud and clear. In fact part of our successful kickstarter campaign was getting to the Naturally Fit Games to film the Plantbuilt Team– over 30 vegan athletes- compete in Powerlifting, Crossfit and Bodybuilding. The Naturally Fit Games are a huge showcase of athleticism; in addition to these three events there’s Jiu Jitsu, MMA and even roller derby. The majority of participants are omnivores and based on my casual conversations most are not familiar with the vegan message. That’s hard for some of us to imagine- but it’s true. I believe we need to use many tactics to spread awareness about ethical veganism and being in this environment confirmed that.

And the strength component was so big we had to make 3 separate episodes! Though due to some unforeseen circumstances we are releasing part 2- Crossfit- first. Don’t worry, the powerlifters and bodybuilders aren’t far behind.

For some background on Crossfit see Strongest Hearts 12 with Ed Bauer and keep your eye out for more episodes from the Naturally Fit Games. If you like our videos please share them so we can show more people you can be vegan AND an athlete!


Strongest Hearts 15