We have a kickstarter!

Hello everyone! First time posting from the new blog beyond our initial set up. It feels pretty good. 🙂

We are excited to announce a kickstarter to fund the next phase of our project.  We don’t make any money from these videos but they definitely cost money to make: travel, editing, assistants, batteries; these things add up. As you can read on the official kickstarter page we do everything we can to make these on a limited budget. When you support us your money goes a very long way!

We want to continue making these and have a lot of potential episodes coming up. Actually, we have a new one coming out very shortly. It’s not on an athlete, but about our friends’ super unique vegan business. It’s part of our expansion to cover more angles of the people we know working to make a difference in the world. We are stoked and you should be too.

Please share our kickstarter widely and keep an eye out for new episodes! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/truelovehealth/strongest-hearts-documentary-series-on-vegan-athle