Web Extra! Matt struts on the Catwalk

We like to keep things lighthearted around here. So when we hit Austin and were surrounded by highly intense athletes on the verge of their biggest competition of the year, we had a time of fitting in.  Luckily our new friend and professional bodybuilder, Derek Treesize, was there to lend a hand.  He gave Matt a quick crash-course in the art of the cat walk, a very important part of a bodybuilder’s night show where its time to to showcase not only your muscles, but your swagger.  Watch the video to find out if Matt has either!

Don’t forget, in case you missed it, we have already posted videos from Austin with the powerlifting team, and the crossfit team! Its a vegan muscle overload!

Very soon we will have our last installment of the Austin Naturally Fit Games episodes dedicated to the bodybuilders!  Also on deck, a professional baseball mascot, a vegan cardiologist and triathlete, a juggler, and Sticman from Dead Prez.  We know, we spoil you.  Thanks for watching, stay tuned!